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Seize the opportunity of "Online Canton Fair" Innovation empowers new marketing

2020-10-19 00:00:00

—— the 128th "Canton Fair" opened up successfully

On October 15, the 128th Canton Fair is being held online and started the 10-day "Journey of the Canton Fair on the Cloud". In order to better play the role of the "Online Canton Fair" as an all-round opening platform and strive to reduce the adverse impact of the global COVID-19 epidemic, our company seizes the new development opportunities of the "Online Canton Fair" and actively responds to the country's dual circular economy and "The Belt and Road Initiative" to enhance new product research and development capabilities, upgrade overseas marketing models, actively open up overseas social media promotion channels, consolidate online live broadcasts to promote products vividly, promote new development in digital marketing, and seize orders to stabilize the market and promote development. After careful and thorough preparations for the exhibition by our foreign trade team and many practical  live rehearsals, the participating departments have expressed their confidence in this Canton Fair.

Strengthen innovation leadership and technology to create better new products. Technology and innovation have always been our top priority for development. Through the efforts of our company, the world's leading product Tiger Head rechargeable li-ion battery AA/AAA size will be newly listed in this Online Canton Fair.This new product is equipped with the world's most advanced charging technology for consumer electronic products, with a capacity of 2886mWh, and be capable of 1.8h rapid charging, 1000 cycles of charging, and 1.5V stable discharge, green environmental protection, and guaranteed 360-degree safety without leakage Liquid, low single cost and other advantages. Compared with the common nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries in the market, the discharge performance is more stable and the charging is faster, which shortens the time by a full 1/4, which can greatly improve the user experience and better meet the market demand.

Upgrade the overseas marketing model and digital marketing to empower transactions. In order to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade in the "Internet +" era, with the opportunity of participating in the online Canton Fair, our company's overseas marketing model has been upgraded again. In addition to "search engine optimization + overseas social media" to carry out global marketing promotion and Online Canton Fair to attract traffic, it also launched a new foreign trade marketing website to realize digital marketing, strengthen communication and interaction with customers, and strengthen precision in multiple channels and dimensions to carry out international market expansion and reach professional groups more accurately, to attract more diverse and professional buyers to visit our online booth to promote the conversion of orders. 

Vividly enhance the brand image and promote a new pattern of dual circular economy development. Our company has the courage to change, introduce new business forms and new models, and accelerate the construction of a new development pattern in which the domestic and international double cycles promote each other. On the “Canton Fair” online platform, our company further optimizes the online product display effect by actively introducing 3D, VR and other technologies, and more intuitively and stereoscopically displays the advantages of the “Tiger Head” and “555” products, and promotes information consumption delivery and promote the new development of digital marketing.

Our company is taking courageous and firm steps, nurturing new opportunities in the crisis, actively implementing the "The Belt and Road Initiative", participating in the construction of a dual cycle of domestic and international economic markets with the spirit of state-owned enterprises, and actively exploring new channels and new technologies to promote enterprises' development of digital marketing and open up new prospects for global market expansion!
Invitation Letter of the 128th Canton Fair
Online Canton Fair live broadcast
Online Canton Fair live broadcast