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Tiger Head Battery Group achieved a growth trend in both sales and profit in the first month of the new year.

2023-02-08 00:00:00

The tiger year leaves, while the rabbit year brings good luck in the spring. Upholding the spirit of hard work and perseverance, Tiger Head Battery Group has established a sense of " opening is a decisive" and maintains the momentum of "sprinting from the start," focusing its efforts on various tasks in line with the company's annual work plan. All departments work together, actively competing for orders, strengthening communication and contact with customers through scientific analysis of overseas markets, actively exploring new markets and new customers, and making early preparations for the production and shipment of new orders to strive for a good start for the company. The Production and Operations Center and other departments work together to actively stock up and ensure orderly progress in production and supply. It is precisely under the coordinated efforts of all departments and unremitting efforts that our company's battery sales revenue and profit in January have both achieved a growth trend, laying the foundation for the company's high-quality development plan this year.

When the success comes in the spring. The good start to the new year's export business has greatly enhanced our confidence in achieving our annual work goals. In 2023, Tiger Head Battery Group will continue to work hard, create value, improve quality and efficiency, implement the company's annual work plan with a more aggressive attitude, and welcome the new year with excellent results!"

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